Authored by Edward Martos

With our first posting, From the Ground Up set out to serve Florida’s development community as an invaluable resource for discussion of the latest news within the community and analysis of the municipal, county and state laws that shape how Florida grows. From the Ground Up is authored by some of Florida’s brightest and most capable land use attorneys with key contributions from their real estate, environmental, tax and corporate law counterparts. Together, our authors ensure that this blog examines every aspect of bringing a development project to life from the ground up to its highest potential. Excited as we are for the future of this blog, however, the authors recognize that our contributions to this blog, like the contributions we make to our clients’ projects, would likely be impossible if not for the accomplishments of and model example set by Robert “Bob” Traurig.

Bob is, quite simply, the best land use lawyer South Florida has ever seen. Bob and the land use department that he built at Greenberg Traurig, PA have had unrivaled accomplishments. As the Miami Herald has reported, the projects that Bob shepherded through the governmental approval process were practically guaranteed to succeed. Indeed, Bob has played a critical role in almost every significant development project in Miami-Dade County. If Bob did not have a direct role in a particular project, then he almost certainly played a role as mentor and role model for the land use professionals who did.

Today, Bob’s contributions go beyond the South Florida skyline. Bob has long been active in the South Florida civic and charitable communities. In recent years, however, Bob has dedicated his time almost exclusively to those efforts. In so doing, and in keeping with his reputation as the “heart” of Greenberg Traurig and the warmest man in any room, Bob’s efforts have helped improve the lives of countless members of our community.

Bob’s is an example for us all—not only as a land use attorney but as an outstanding member of his community. We are forever grateful for his example and leadership. And so, we dedicate this blog to Robert H. Traurig, the father Florida land use law.