Authored by Reggie L. Bouthillier, Kenneth Metcalf*, Maribel N. Nicholson-Choice, and Todd Sumner

The 2012 Florida Legislative Session focused on the redistricting process and passage of the State budget. Despite these challenging priorities, the  Legislature passed several bills addressing energy policy, environmental regulation and growth management which are intended to benefit businesses and industries in Florida.  While formulation of a Florida energy policy has proven to be elusive, the Legislature succeeded this year in passing energy legislation as the first step toward establishing a State energy policy. Furthermore, the Legislature continued efforts to incorporate streamlining measures into various permitting programs to ease regulatory burdens faced by businesses and industry sectors struggling in Florida to rebound from the difficult economic times. Following the landmark Community Planning Act of 2011,  the 2012 Legislature also passed a “glitch bill” addressing comprehensive planning and school coordination, as well as legislation to streamline the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) review process. 

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