Authored by Kerri Barsh

Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer Department (WASD) is proposing a special sanitary sewer construction connection charge for the expansion of the sewer facilities in the Biscayne Corridor Basin (depicted in the color attachment).  The County will assess the new charge on property owners and developers who receive new or increased sewer service from the new facilities with the Biscayne Corridor Basin area.  Under the proposed ordinance, unpaid charges will constitute a lien on the property.  

 We understand from WASD that the Department is preparing the ordinance based upon a similar ordinance previously adopted by the County. WASD estimates that this new ordinance will not go before the County Commission until November.  If approved by the Commission, the “estimated charge would not exceed the $4.24 per GPD.” 

 Until the ordinance takes effect,  WASD has advised the development community that agreements/Verification Forms/Ordinance Letters within the impacted area will contain language that will allow the project to pay for the special connection charges for this Basin at the time of first meter set.  Once the ordinance is approved, WASD intends to collect the special connection charges at the same time as the connection charges (at the stage when the Verification Form/Ordinance Letter are required).