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Parking – The Tail that Wags the Dog in Redevelopment Projects

Authored by Tracy Lautenschlager Empty storefronts and unused commercial buildings … Do you ever wonder as you drive by why some enterprising business owner doesn’t take advantage of these spaces, these little gems, that must be available at great prices?  Or, if you are in the greenfield development business, can you recall how many times … Continue Reading

Things I Picked Up In the Downturn

I have this wonderful colleague, a super bright young man with great drafting skills, who says about any acceptable document written by someone else that “well, it’s not AWFUL.”  That’s how I feel when I read news reports about the so-called economic recovery:  it’s not AWFUL.  But it isn’t great either.  Perhaps the optimism is … Continue Reading

Florida Businesses and Industries to Benefit From 2012 Energy Policy, Environmental & Growth Management Legislation

Authored by Reggie L. Bouthillier, Kenneth Metcalf*, Maribel N. Nicholson-Choice, and Todd Sumner The 2012 Florida Legislative Session focused on the redistricting process and passage of the State budget. Despite these challenging priorities, the  Legislature passed several bills addressing energy policy, environmental regulation and growth management which are intended to benefit businesses and industries in Florida.  … Continue Reading